Rihanna - Man Down Music Video

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So Rihanna just premiered moments ago on BET's "106 & Park" her her long awaited music video for "Man Down".  Overall, this would become the fifth single from the new Rihanna era. I would say that the 'murder' ballad "Man Down" is truly Rihanna's comeback to her caribbean rhythm from those distant "Music of the Sun" days, and it's been obviously supported by fans I'm sure.  I love the song so I couldn't be more happy with the choice.

Anyways, the video was directed by Anthony Mandler and shot in sunny Jamaica in April 2011. The storyline is INTENSE! The clip captures you from the very first scene. This video may get banned soon from this site so feel free to share around. 

See Real Life Hot Wheels Jump Breaks World Record

See Real Life Hot Wheels Jump Breaks World Record

Tanner Foust knows what it's like to play out that childhood dream of driving your very own Hot Wheels car.

This weekend at the Indianapolis 500, Foust, 37, shattered the world record by jumping a Pro 2 truck 332 feet. Johnny Greaves set the previous record of 301 feet in 2009.Prior to the start of the Indy 500, the mysterious (note the pixelated helmet visor) 'Yellow Racer' dropped down 90 feet of ramp suspended by a 10 story tower. The jump stretched over three football fields at an astonishing 332ft and was Guinness certified as a record.
Foust already boasted an impressive resume including X-Games gold, Gymkhana Grid gold, and stunt driving in motion pictures such as 'Iron Man' and 'Fast And The Furious'. Over the weekend he added Guinness world record holder and solidified himself as one of the coolest dudes on the planet.

fake people and fake friends

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We've all got them. Fake friends, and they are like rocks, found everywhere. All my life I've had to deal with betrayal by untrue friends. I've had one true friend growing up and I could care less about having friends, so people judge me and say I'm cruel. No man is an island. However, there is no point in one sided friendship, I'm too real for that. I love doing my own thing. To be honest I don't really care to have any friends for the simple fact that I just don't trust B!tches.oops I mean people. I have very few friends and I like to keep it that way. 

People have too many d@mn issues and I don't want to be bothered with that. They either jealous of you for no reason, always in some drama and drag you in it. I have always gotten along with people and I'm quite friendly person but some people mistake kindness and friendliness with weakness or stupidity but little do they know. So I gravitate towards people who are sincere, not loud, not boastful, have goals, aren't calculating and manipulative. When I tell a friend a secret, I know not a single soul will know my secret unless it's over their dead body. 

I'd take 100 real enemies over 1 fake friend any day. At lest the enemies let you know where they stand and don't pretend to care, that make them a lot better by a long shot. They're not two faced. 

Most Hated YouTube Video Justin Bieber Tops With 1 Million Dislikes

Bieber Youtube
Sorry Beliebers. Your idol is the most hated boymanon all of YouTube. 1,447,337
With over 1,447,337 dislikes, and counting, as well as a full five videos on the top ten most disliked video list, little baby Bieber of formerly moptopped fame has more virtual thumbs down on his "Baby" video than any other contender. Over 4 million comments below discuss the merits--or lack thereof--of the vid.
Close behind is viral hit "Friday" by tween chanteuse Rebecca Black, which, despite having been up for only 6 weeks, has already reached 1,095,855 dislikes and 61 million views.
Bieber's "Never Say Never," "One Less Lonely Girl," "Somebody To Love," and "Never Let You Go" also make the top ten, alongside vintage viral hits like "Evolution of Dance," "Chocolate Rain," and "Charlie bit my finger -- again!"
Take heart, though: "Baby" also became the first video ever to reach 500 million views today.
Watch the most hated video ever below:

Sepp Blatter cleared as Fifa bans Mohamed Bin Hammam and Jack Warner

Fifa headquarters
Fifa will open a full investigation into allegations Mohamed Bin Hammamand Jack Warner offered financial incentives to members of the Caribbean Football Union and have provisionally suspended them from all football activity, the world football's governing body have confirmed.
Sepp Blatter, Fifa's current president, however will not face an investigation into the allegations against him.
In relation to Bin Hammam and Warner, the deputy chairman of the ethics committee Petrus Damaseb said: "The committee is satisfied there is a case to answer, therefore a case will be held in due course where they will be expected to answer the charges against them."
More to follow

Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez on Hawaiian holiday!!!

Well Justin Bieber went on a holiday with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Yeaaaaaah.

Well look at that, they look very happy. I'm sure he took is shirt off for the photograph. Wow, you see, he is living his dream and good for him I say. He does have alot of  'Haterz'.  Haterz are just jealous.  I think they are just jealous of his talent and his success.  Sure I know he was found on Youtube and he got his success much easier than most people, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve it. 

Some people say a lot of other people have worked hard on their talent quest and haven't gotten anywhere. But I would suggest Youtube for any musician or person who wants to be found cause its a very good medium. So my friends, enjoy the photographs of a great guy enjoying his life.  

They've Finally Done it

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Kiss On Live TV 2011 Billboard Music Awards
Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez put their young love on display at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards -- kissing and hugging before a crowd of thousands.
When Bieber, 17, won a a trophy for Best New Artist, Gomez, 18, gave him a big smooch on the lips and a warm hug.
So cute!
"I'm 17 and I want to thank God because he has blessed me so much," Bieber said at the podium as Gomez and his mother Pattie Mallette looked on proudly. Bieber, however, did not mention Gomez in his acceptance speech.
The Canadian singing sensation also won Top Social Artist, Top Streaming Artist, Top Digital Media Artist and Top Pop Album.
Watch Justin and Selena kiss below:

Facebook Dislike button spreads fast, but is a fake - watch out!

Don't be too quick to click on links claiming to "Enable Dislike Button" on Facebook, as a fast-spreading scam has caused problems for social networking users this weekend.
Messages claiming to offer the opposite to a like button have been appearing on many Facebook users' walls:
Dislike button on Facebook
Facebook now has a dislike button! Click 'Enable Dislike Button' to turn on the new feature!
Like the "Preventing Spam / Verify my account" scam which went before it, the scammers have managed to waltz past Facebook's security to replace the standard "Share" option with a link labelled "Enable Dislike Button".
The fact that the "Enable Dislike Button" link does not appear in the main part of the message, but lower down alongside "Link" and "Comment", is likely to fool some users into believing that it is genuine.
Clicking on the link, however, will not only forward the fake message about the so-called "Fakebook Dislike button" to all of your online friends by posting it to your profile, but also run obfuscated Javascript on your computer.
The potential for malice should be obvious.
As we've explained before, there is no official dislike button provided by Facebook and there isn't ever likely to be. But it remains something that many Facebook users would like, and so scammers have often used the offer of a "Dislike button" as bait for the unwary.
Here's another example that is spreading, attempting to trick you into pasting JavaScript into your browser's address bar, before leading you to a survey scam:
Offer of Dislike button leads you into posting script into your browser's address bar
If you use Facebook and want to learn more about spam, malware, scams and other threats, you should join the Sophos Facebook page where we have a thriving community of over 80,000 people.

being nice VS being right

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Would you rather be nice or will you stick to what is right?
This has been my concern lately. At work, at time or most of the time, I am really prone to arguments for which I hated much. I'm am not really into it more so that I know that I am sticking to the rules. Yes maybe at times, considiration should be extended but when abused (which is actually what is happening) it categorically falls into something I dont want to deal with. TOLERANCE. Tolerance then leads to ignore small things which when accumulated had its "material value".

I hated much, yesterday for again I had an argument with a workmate. I know very much my job discription, its limits and boundaries, and I always put it on my mind the parameters that had been established. Why do some people consider that your action is beyond to what is supposed to be, just when everything is clear that it is a part of your job. Was this because that same thing you imposed and follow is something unbenefecial to them? Selfish!!! kitid ng utak. bat may mga ganung tao sa earth. haysssssss tumbling mode....

Nevertheless, I would still choose and stick to what is right. I know I need to be nice too, but at this point and on this matter, my mind should prevail over my heart. It may not be easy but when you stand and stick to what is right, you will always be on the right side of the fence. Some, may not understand you at the moment but sooner, if they do, that would be the sweetest vindication. trabaho lang, walang personalan...

world peace!!! :-)

Rapture Cancelled!!!!! Harold Camping Was Wrong!!!

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Well there was no rapture no Apocalypse, Harold Camping was absolutely wrong.  Now Harold, you see, you're full of it, you messed it up again. Don't you think his shadow looks a bit like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons? Evil Mr.s Burns.

So how is Harold going to live this down? How embarrassing is this? What are you going to say tomorrow to the people who gave to you heaps of money and people who sold there houses. They gave up there jobs, cause they believed you. So whats going to happen now?

In a way I think Camping was correct. I think his followers are going to be like, "so alright, he was wrong" and they are going to kill him, therefore making his prophesy correct, thats its going to be his own apocalypse.  Thats right, they are going to go biblical on his ass. So Harold how are you going to explain that it wasn't the apocalypse, that God didn't come down and collect his people? Hmmmm, come Camping I dying to know. Poor old Harold. So Tell me, what you do think Harold Camping supporters should do in light of this non event. I would like to know. 

Take Care and be safe. 

See you all in hell

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So Apparently the Rapture is coming and it's tomorrow while the end of the world is some time in October. Then we (by which I mean the majority of all human beings who are not US-style fundagelicals) will be killed by Jesus and given a passport to Hell.

But I'm here thinking if this is such a bad thing. I am well aware of the propaganda which says we will all be put on some big toasting forks by devils, or something to that extent. However, in all wars, one side paints the other as despicable, and I'm sure the War In Heaven would be on different. So maybe Hell isn't that bad. After all, in Heaven you get to meet big-haired Television evangelists. In Hell you get to meet interesting people who achieved things. Not always good things - big shout-out to Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper (unless he was 'saved') and many others. But I reckon the good companions might outnumber the psychopathic bastards. That said, if you want to see some of the less salubrious types, there's a handy website called People You'll See in Hell.

But let's me put this in proper perspective. In Heaven you would get to meet St Augustine, who I'm told is one of the Fathers of the Church and is considered to be one of the great theologians. He was that sophisticated. He also - of course - wrote that heretics should be killed.. And the saints who were canonised for 'good works' are a right old bunch of deadbeats. For 37 years. That proved how good he was. It does me good to think of the Billy Graham brigade having to listen, for all eternity, to St Simeon chat about his sanitary arrangements, the sores he developed, his poor rheumatic knees...

Onward and downward to Hell. Depending on the seating arrangements you might find yourself between Leonardo da Vinci* and Nietzsche, which could be a trifle tricky for the non-linguist, but by the same token you could be seated opposite Darwin or Einstein. Shakespeare is presumably down there, along with almost all the great writers, artists, movie-makers etc. And of course there are stars - Marilyn Monroe and Clara Bow, Charles Laughton and Stan Laurel.

So it's a swings and roundabouts scenario. If the Rapture comes I suspect my own immediate social and professional circle will not be much reduced. And if I go to Hell it will be, on balance, more interesting that going to work. Or typing stuff on the intertrons, for that matter.

'Waiting for the end of the world?': Lets Celebrate doomsday in song

If you're a believer in such things, chances you're probably wondering what you should be listening to when all hell breaks loose on Saturday – which will totally change your life forever.  Just in case family  radio preacher Harold Camping, who has said that the world will come on an end on saturday, is on to something, here are a few songs celebrating the sweet finale of this thing called Earth.

This is in no complete list but that my favorite end times songs, and feel free to add other ideas in the comments 

“Thriller” Michael Jackson
“Night creatures calling, the dead start to walk in their masquerade / there’s no escaping the jaws of the alien this time / They're open wide / This is the end of your life”

My favorite is “Till the World Ends” – Britney Spears
“See the sunlight, we ain’t stopping / keep on dancing till the world ends / If you feel it, let it happen /
Keep on dancing till the world ends”

Its the Ennnnd of the Woooorld as we know it! and I feel fine...


PC World — A Chinese global trade site is selling an item under the listing ” Newest design crystal case for apple iPhone 5g ,” which hints that the next generation iPhone could include some big changes. If the design of the case, made by Kulcase, LTD in …

Original post:5th-Gen IPhone Leak Shows New Edge-to-Edge Screen – CIO

Britney Spears- "I Wanna Go" Single Cover

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I guess the other cover we got was a fake. Check out the official single cover for Britney's new single "I Wanna Go." I actually liked the other one better


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Working in a hotel industry in Boracay as fault finder aka audit churver di mo maiiwasan na may mga taong magtatampo at magmamagaling sayo. Some great people at work somehow just wont like to admit and accept the fact that at times their so called A+ IQ plus years of experience ay nagagawa nitong ipagkanulo sila, prompting them to come up with some unwise decision. (read: I dont say its wrong). And for a defense for some bruised ego's, they try to attack someones character, sort of character assassination .  Ending, ang inyong dakilang lingkod ay walang nagawa kundi maglabas ng hinanakit sa site ni Zuckerberg. and below is the text.

"What OTHER people think of you is NONE of your business, its theirs!!!. Just let them waste their time thinkin too much of you, because that equates the time they wasted that they should have spend for themselves..

for anyone out there... let them think whatever they wanna think of you for the sweetest revenge is when they realize by themselves that they are indeed wrong, totally wrong for that matter.

peace anyone


Nicki Minaj just released the video for "Super Bass", the fifth single from her debut album, "Pink Friday", which was supposed to be a bonus track, but actually came out as a single.
The music video was directed by Sanaa Hamri, with the end result satisfactory for Minaj, who commented "Real colorful and cutesy [...] This is an icy world, it's a sexy world, it's a playful world. Of course I have lots of eye candy for my girls and my boys."
Super Bass is a club bangin’ track that, for the most part, is about encounters in a club. The song is based around Minaj’s lust for a character she meets in a club, a player with a fly car and a sharp dress sense. He’s a partier with a bad boy facade. He might be a coke dealer, but to Minaj’s character, that dangerous aspect is a turn on. The club atmosphere reflects the intensity of Minaj’s emotions and as she becomes more infatuated with the club character, her heart starts beating in time with the music (an effect that she describes as super bass). 
Minaj’s encounter in the club is explicitly and passionately sexual and this intensifies as the song progresses. While Minaj is the dominant character in the first verse, threatening to slap the guy if he’s caught looking and emphatically stating that she IS Nicki Minaj, by the end of the song she’s stating that when the guy gives her the look, she’s getting off. As well as being a club banga about encounters in a club, the tune acts as a kind of introduction to Nicki Minaj, and is delivered with swagger and attitude.

A short tribute to Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj Photos

I really love Nicki Minaj. I admit I kind of love WHO she is more than her music, although I like her music enough for what it is- she is a genuinely fantastic rapper, and I love her disassociative disorder menagerie of alter-egos. I think she is one of the most gorgeous, stylish women to appear on the scene in years. She makes Christina Hendrickson look flat. She makes me feel proud of my enormous ass. Her personal style may have some things in common with Lady Gaga and Lil' Kim yet is it still all her own. She is like a cross between a Christmas tree, Cutey Honey, and Cleopatra.

My shaman Blanche (she's phenomenal, go visit her if you're ever in Chicago) once did a past life regression with me to work on some of my relationship issues. (We discovered I was a sexually frustrated gay zen monk in Kyoto in the 1940's, which is why I'm still kind of a sexually frustrated gay man in this lifetime.) ANYWAY Blanche told me that all your past lives happen at the same time- that time is a illusion, and we're all really living dozens of lifetimes simultaneously. If this is true, I was Nicki Minaj in a past life, or vice versa. Margaret Cho, too. Possibly Cherie Currie as well. These women are so me, it's just eerie.

The thing that really made me think that Nicki Minaj exist in the same oversoul group is that WE BOTH HAVE A GAY MALE ALTER-EGO NAMED ROMAN. See, my pen name Bianca James is an amalgam of my girl side, Bianca, and my boy side James Roman, aka Roman Scandal. Nicki Minaj's gay man is Roman Zolanski, which is wrong and wonderful for so many reasons. (My only regret is that she let Eminem spit a lot of boringly misogynist garbage on the otherwise excellent "Roman's Revenge.")

One night I was standing at a bus stop after an excellent kettlebell workout with a hot trainer at my gym (great for building that booty, yo), listening to "Moment for Life" on my ipod in the cold, starry winter night and I was like "YEAH LIFE IS GOOD, I AM SINGLE AND FIERCE." Then I saw my horrible ex on the train on the way home and was like, "DEAD TO ME."

I told my therapist about this and she said "I imagine you in a video game with a Nicki Minaj soundtrack, running around and shooting the people in your life who keep you from being happy."

Damn right.

(Incidentally, a friend once made a video game character in my likeness named "Delicious James Flow" after my pimp name generator name. It looks nothing like Nicki Minaj but it's a decent likeness to me, and pretty fucking badass:)

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