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I currently have a dull office job working as a cleaner at a government agency in Trinidad and Tobago. Before this I had some odd jobs working in the Hotel industry as a Waiter and Bell Hop in a well established hotel here. I have worked as a trainee at Social Services from December 2006 - August 2007. I was part of a group of community Health Worker who were chosen to work there. However my real passion is working with computers but since jobs in that area is limited I'm stuck doing these crap. So if anyone wants to hire me I'm free. 

- BSc Computer and Information System - London Metropolitan University 
- Diploma in Computer Science 
- Advance Diploma in Computer Science 
- Certificate in Practical Accounting

- Certificate in Web Design (APTECH Institute New Delhi) 
- Certificate in Office Procedures
- A+ Certified
- Network + Certified 

Proficient in the following:
Microsoft Office Tool
Corel Draw

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